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Grace Netanya is an artist and storyteller whose art combines contemporary and traditional ideas to create an art fusion that is both Avant-Garde and introspective.

At a very young age, Grace taught herself to draw in order to communicate stories and characters from her imagination.

A childhood of homeschooling in Florida provided her with the time and isolation to become engrossed in her imagination, and today she is interested in pulling the magical and surreal out of the ordinary and banal.

Grace is interested in putting unique spins on existing styles and finding new ways to push a medium past the conceived limit.

 She prefers to use mixed-media techniques with ink, graphite, colored pencils and acrylics. However, she loves to discover new mediums and is constantly expanding her repertoire.

Grace’s unique combination of colorful fantasy and realism has caught the eyes of the art world both at home and internationally. She had her first exhibit at the age of fourteen, at MOAS FL, and has exhibited with such prestigious organizations as The ARC Realism Salon and The Colored Pencil Society. She has won many awards, such as The Copic Award Grand Prize 2019, Martha Vineyard’s Drawing Prize 1st place, and most recently, Boyne’s Emerging Artist Prize 2022 Second Place.

Her work has also been published with imaginative art magazines such as Infected by Art. 




2023, Almenara Art Prize exhibit, Real Círculo de la Amistad, Cordoba, Spain

2023, Boynes Artist Award winners exhibit, Church of Sant’Antonio, Breno, Italy

2023, Alice in Wonderland Prize Exhibition, CityArts, FL, USA

2023, Explore This! 19, Colored Pencil Society of America, https://cpsa.org/exhibitions/explore-this/explore-this-19-online-exhibition/

2023, The New Vanguard: Explorations into the New Contemporary IV, Keep Contemporary, NM, USA

2023, Fables: The Next Chapter, NOMA Gallery, FL, USA

2023, The Corridor Project Billboard Exhibition, CityArts Art Gallery and Billboard display, FL, USA

2023, Surreal Salon 15, Baton Rogue Gallery, LA, USA

2022, Passion, NOMA Gallery, Ocala FL, USA

2021, Visual Art Open, Digital Exhibit, https://www.visualartopen.com/vao21finalistsshow

2021, Venus Rising, NOMA Gallery Ocala, Fl, USA

2021, Summer in The Sun, NOMA Gallery Ocala, FL, USA

2021, New Beginnings, Southern California Open Regional Exhibits, Digital Exhibition https://sfvacc.org/new-beginnings

2021, Identity, Art Fluent.com, Digital Exhibit https://www.art-fluent.com/identity

2021, Figures and faces, Flagler County Art League, FL, USA

2021, Fables, Solo Show, NOMA Gallery, Ocala Fl, USA

2021, Explore This! 17, Colored Pencil Society of America, Digital Exhibit

2021, Emerging Artist Prize Exhibit, Limner Gallery, NY, USA

2021, Crocker Kingsley, Blue Line arts, CA, USA

2021, Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, Finalist’s Digital Exhibit

2021, Art Fields, Lake City, SC, USA

2020, State of The Arts, R.G. Endres Gallery, Prairie Village City Hall, KS, USA https://www.artspv.org/sota2019-857228.html

2020, Creative Distancing, Chapman Gallery, Art Museum of South Texas, TX, USA

2020, Colored Pencil Society of America 28th Annual International Exhibition, Digital Exhibition https://www.cpsa.org/

2020, Colored Pencil Society “Explore This”, Digital exhibition

2020, Colored Pencil Magazine’s Art Competition 2020, Digital Exhibition

2019, Copic Award, LAND, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

2019, 30th Student Juried Art Exhibition, Hand Art Center, Deland Fl, USA

2018, Promenade The Alcazar Exhibit, The Lightner Museum, Saint Augustine FL, USA

2018, DSC Studio Arts Student Art Exhibition, News Journal Center Fine Arts Gallery, Daytona Beach FL, USA

2018, 29th Juried Art Exhibition, Hand art Center, Deland Fl, USA

2014, Sculpture Study and Video of Process, MOAS, Ormond Beach FL, USA


2022, boynesartistaward.com, Artist Grace Netanya https://boynesartistaward.com/interviews/artist-grace-netanya

2022, Supersonic Art.com, 9/25

2021, Infected by Art Volume #9

2021, The Ocala Gazette, “Vivid color and ‘Fables’ with a twist enliven Grace Netanya’s illustrations”

2020, Infected by Art Volume #8

2020, Art Hole Magazine #5

2020, Copic Award 2020, Winners 2019 https://copicaward.com/winners/winners2019/

2019, Copic.jp, COPIC AWARD 2019 ceremony was a huge success https://copic.jp/copic-award-2019-ceremony-was-a-huge-success/

2019, Stetson Student Wins International Art Competition -Stetson Today

2019, apress, Copic works from 72 countries around the world! Winners of Copic Award 2019 are decided https://www.atpress.ne.jp/news/186612


2023 Almenara Art Prize Finalist

2023 August Artist residency, Ruc, Cividate Camuno, Italy

2022 Boynes Emerging Artist Second Place

2022 ARC Realism Salon Semi Finalist

2022 Martha Vineyard’s Drawing Prize- First Place

2022 Martha Vineyard’s Drawing Prize- Finalist

2022, Boynes Emerging Art Prize Finalist

2021, Visual Art Open Emerging Artist Prize Finalist

2021, Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize Finalist

2021, NOMA Gallery Ocala, Venus Rising- First Place

2021, SCORE New Beginnings Second Place

2021, Limner Gallery Emerging Artist Prize 2021

2021, 15 ARC Salon Finalist

2021, Art Show International, Spring Artist Grant Award

2020, State of The Arts- R.G Endres Best of Show

2020, American Art Award 2020 Third Place- Portrait of Someone not Famous

2019, Hand Art Center Student Choice Award

2019, Winner of The Copic Award Grand Prize 2019


2018-2020 Stetson University BA.

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