In the near future, a young girl with extraordinary abilities hides from the persecution of a powerful religious system…but is found by a much more malevolent, otherworldly force.

“I will not give up, let up, or stay out of the way, and I will not be silent!” 

Meet Elizabeth Montclair, a girl living in the most peaceful, orderly era in history.

One People. One religion. One God.

Except, she sees the truth. She has spent her entire life in hiding, in fear of being found out for what she really is. But when a mysterious man drags her into a game of revenge with human souls at stake, Liz finds that there may be many more secrets to her dark past then she ever imagined.

Trapped between two worlds, a united society bent on destroying her and an alternate reality entrenched in a supernatural war, Liz races against the clock to reveal life to those who are dead…

…while there’s still time.

volume one

The Lie

Elizabeth Montclair, an extraordinarily gifted teenager, faces struggles in multiple realms.

“Cursed” with the ability to prophesy and slip unwillingly into unseen dimensions, she has successfully fled the persecution of a tyrannical religious order, but still faces hateful bullying in her daily life.

Worse, just when Liz thinks she may finally be firmly rooted in our reality, a mysterious, strangely familiar man shows up and drags her back into the Other-World…and into a lethal game of revenge.

Meanwhile, Other-Worldly visitors gather on Earth as they prepare to wage war against The Pupeteer, the evil God of Earth, to free our planet.

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Haunted by visions of a world beyond our own, Liz’s life falls apart as she’s forced to confront the idea that her past may not be what she thought.

Ari’el, Elizabeth’s other-worldly guardian, is forced to face his past as well when Balan, the nightmarish ghost of a fallen friend, tortures Ari’el with guilt over his dreadful purpose on Earth …and Elizabeth’s inevitable connection to it.

Sarai, Elizabeth’s Mother, hides her full awareness, and hides the truth from Elizabeth.

volume two

meet the characters

“I will not give up, let up, or stay out of the way, and I will not be silent!” 

Having lived in hiding nearly all her life, Elizabeth’s unusual ability to remain out of the government’s reach is usually blamed on her intelligent and strategic mind. However, her dark past hints at disturbing and unnatural abilities that could very well unravel the tightly woven fabric of her perfect society.  

Iron willed, snarky, yet a peacemaker by nature; Elizabeth is a person of unshakable faith and strength.  But all is not what it seems.  

Elizabeth’s unswayable demeanor and kind smile hides the scars of a young girl, out casted and hunted for being incorruptible, powerful, and very, very, Dangerous.

Elizabeth Montclair (Liz)


The mysterious apparition seen only by Elizabeth; cold and calm Ari, mercilessly drags Elizabeth into an invisible Game of judgment and further away from her loosening connection to our world.

Although caring towards Elizabeth, he appears to have no qualms with forcing her face-to-face with the psychological terror of her realm-torn mind, raising some questionable-and terrifying- implications about his true connections with The Montclair’s tragic history.

While who and what he is remains a mystery, his goal certainly does not; Protect Elizabeth Montclair, no matter how high the cost.

“Oh… you think it’s the girl I want? Clearly you misunderstand. I admit my intelligence may have declined somewhat from being relentlessly tortured in Void, but I’m not that stupid. I know I can’t destroy her. I just want to tear her to shreds so I can laugh in your face while you watch.”

A sadistic, hell-bend monster of the abyss, Balan is unleashed upon Elizabeth by the scheming Puppeteer. However, Balan has his own agenda… to use Elizabeth to wreck ultimate revenge upon Ari’el for his part in a tragic betrayal.


Daniel Olvera (Danny)

Liz, you expect us to live relying on your instincts and obey you without question. But we’re your family. Maybe, you should let us have a say, and care for you, for once?”

Danny is Ella’s younger brother by eleven months. He owns a sharp mind and some mad tech skills, possibly due to his own semi-biotic body, and he works as a mechanic in The Olvera’s warehouse.

Although introverted, Danny wears his heart on his sleeve, and often has trouble controlling his emotions, and his temper. He has strong feelings for Liz, and he holds himself responsible for keeping both her and his sister safe, despite the fact that the last thing Liz wants is for him to get too involved.

Bubbly and sweet with a stubborn edge, fifteen-year-old Ella is Liz’s most trusted confidant and friend.

Ella and her brother Danny have been close friends with the Montclairs since Liz was a young child, and Ella is protective of Liz like a sister.

Although generally optimistic, Ella is also very thick-skinned and can be much more tough and intimidating than her small frame would suggest. She has a lot of sass, and will always speak up for herself and others, regardless of whether the receiving end actually wants to hear it.

Daniella Olvera (Ella)


“…Maybe there is some higher power and you’re “good” or whatever. But the fact is, most people are people like me, and we can’t stand people like you. It’s nothing super personal, it’s just that- I hate you. And so does everyone else.”

Demetry is the obnoxious, cruel teenage leader of District 15’s local street gang. He’s cunning and conniving, and shamelessly manipulates people for his own benefits.

Liz happens to be the one person that Demetry can’t use or intimidate. Her strong principals and lack of proper submission clash violently with Demetry’s ideal of “non-conformity”. He’s obsessed with the idea of making Liz forsake her virtues by responding aggressively, and will go to extreme lengths to try and make her break her cool.

Demetry is very protective of his two lackeys, MupCake and StarBuck. He sarcastically refers to himself as a “single mother of two”, and enjoys providing the two street boys with protection and funds. (So long as they keep doing his dirty work, off course.)

StarBuck is Demetry’s right-hand man. He acts as Demetry’s muscle, and is often the one sent out to physically harass whomever Demtry is currently pissed at.

Although he has a taste for violence and is more openly aggressive than Demetry or MupCake, he is also more morally conscious. He often expresses a little too much sentimentality for Demetry’s liking, even going so far as to feel guilt for some of the crimes he’s committed on Demetry’s behalf.



“Tolerance must mean tolerance for all. Or it means nothing.”

MupCake is Demetry’s “pet creep.” While StarBuck has too much emotion, MupCake has too little. As Demetry will proudly tell you, MupCake loves nothing except black nail polish and switchblades.

 MupCake is the only one out of the three thugs to get good grades, however, he normally applies his smarts to his personal interest; Luciferianism, and other forms of spiritual enlightenment.

 While MupCake is more rational than Demetry or StarBuck, his voice of reason is muffled under a speech defect that’s left him unwilling to say more than a few words at a time.




A fierce, charming, pastry- loving warrior; Gavriel is Ari’el’s closest colleague.

Although high-ranking in the celestial kingdom, Gavriel finds himself the unwitting supervisor of a wacky group of Other-Worldly beings sent to Earth to help guide and protect Elizabeth.

While he is closer to the illusive Ari’el than most beings can claim, Gavriel often finds himself in a clash of wills. While Gavriel is loyal to “the grand scheme of things”, and always keeps to protocol, Ari’el prefers to make his own rules. Gavriel often finds himself frustrated attempting to keep Ari’el in line when the notorious Earth-Walker’s recklessness goes too far.


Zaqueo (Zack)

“Hi, I’m Zack! I like rainbows and pandas and unicorns and frolicking in mud puddles and rolling down hills and bathing in cheese-wiz and jumping on trampolines made of licorice and garlic and wearing steak as a loin cloth and-wait…what was I talking about?”

Zaqueo is infamous. Partly for his attachment to Namar, partly for his love of all things cute and colorful…but mostly for his terrifying randomness and lack of any consistency whatsoever. It’s a shame he never shuts up, otherwise someone might have the courage to ask him what on earth he is and where he comes from. Because seriously, no one knows.


Extremely shy and meek, cat-like Namar is one of the most experienced Earth-Walkers.

He’s a very capable shape-shifter, and can disguise himself as almost any animal and use many convincing human forms.

He rarely speaks (probably because Zack, his inseparable best friend, is always yelling over him), and because of this, people rarely notice that he has many surprising abilities, such as a remarkable sense of dry wit and a gift for baking and wearing stylish hoodies.